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Your 90 minute portal to Ascension 


Are you ready to tap into the dormant energy residing within you? 

In this intimate 90-minute session, you will experience a transformative voyage led by a renowned Transformational Alchemist. Your consciousness is vast, and within it lies the power to ascend. It's time to unlock it.


Unlocking one’s potential is the greatest magic of all.

To bring forth the light that has been forgotten, buried in shadow?

Are you ready to "Awaken"?

This could be absolutely
perfect for you if...

You are feeling stuck, blocked or in a pattern of 'trying to figure out whats wrong'

Are looking for a boost in connecting to your power & your ultimate future version of yourself

Have done lots of personal development work but your usual tools "arent working"

Want to update the programs in your unconscious mind to be aligned with your conscious intention, goals and direction.

These sessions are designed to create create change and integration at the deepest level so you can have lasting transformation!


This might not be for you if:

You are expecting a single session to completely solve all your problems

You feel you need a lot of additional support

You aren’t doing anything else for your evolution and development

You don’t really want to change

This is for those who know there is more waiting inside them to be unlocked. It is already in you, together we simply turn the key. 

"Michael guided me on a journey where I was able to take myself from fear to freedom.
He held the space for safety and I was able to fully step into my own power as a result!
Pure magic & love is what Michael leads & guides with, I'm forever grateful"

-Nicole White

Additional Benefits

In addition to their primary focus, many clients report the following:

Deeper sense of self trust, Self awareness & self love

More connection and deeper relationships

Greater ability to feel Joy, Fulfilment and Satisfaction

Increased Effectiveness both personally and professionally

Freedom from stress, burnout and overwhelm

Greater ability to make decisions and handle intense emotions



Allow me to be your guide. Embark on a journey that promises not just growth, but ascension.


In the alchemical realm, every challenge is but a stepping stone to ascension.


There's a universe within you, waiting to be explored.

Book an Alignment Call before committing to work together. This gives us both an opportunity to see if we are a good fit, as well as for me to make sure I can help you with what you are bringing and the opportunity for you to ask me any questions!

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beyond what you Imagine


We are going to make Magic Together1

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