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Investing & Manifesting: The Intersection of Magic Money, Traditional Finance, and Personal Beliefs.

Updated: Sep 14

In the latest episode of our podcast, we explore an unconventional yet compelling topic – the intersection of 'magic money', traditional finance, and personal beliefs. Joined by financial education advocate Juliana Uto, we delve into an enlightening conversation that covers a range of topics, from the intriguing duality of traditional investing and 'magic money' to the delicate balance between risk, fear, and entrepreneurship.

First, we discussed the concept of 'magic money' and its relationship with traditional investing. Juliana's unique experience of holding both traditional financial intelligence and wealth-building knowledge, alongside the mysticism of 'magic money', provided a fascinating insight. We touched upon the importance of compounding interest as a potent tool for wealth creation and discussed how investing is not just about money but about energetics, possibility, and potentiality.

Next, we turned our attention to the concept of risk and fear in entrepreneurship. The survival instinct that is wired into our brains often gets projected onto money. We discussed how playing it safe can be the antithesis of growing into abundance and how taking risks in one area doesn't necessarily translate to taking risks in another. Moreover, we shared observations on how people react during market crashes and offered insights on making wiser financial decisions.

In the third segment of our conversation, we explored finding balance in entrepreneurship. We examined the beliefs we've adopted over the years, and how to discern which ones serve us and which ones serve others. We touched upon the concept of 'preservation' and how it can help us let go of certain beliefs and to be aware of our own doubt. In essence, we highlighted how our past can be used as a predictive model for our future.

Finally, we reflected on wealth and personal growth. We explored the energetics of wealth and abundance and how to tap into the potential that lies within us. The importance of self-reflection and discernment when it comes to money and wealth was underscored, as was the power of investments to compound wealth. We discussed the energy and intention we put out to attract the abundance we want. Finally, we emphasized the importance of personal freedom and how investing in ourselves can yield a payoff that lasts a lifetime.

In summary, our conversation with Juliana Uto was a trove of insights for anyone looking to understand the intersection of traditional finance, 'magic money', and the power of personal beliefs. It was a journey into demystifying the world of finance, money manifestation, and personal growth, underscoring the importance of both practical financial strategies and a mindset attuned to abundance and possibility.

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