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Work With Me 1:1

My work is for...

the select few:

For those who have already done more than most people can imagine, yet know there is another level that still awaits them

another layer, another realm, another possibility.

Whether it be love, freedom, fulfillment,
or purpose, passion and potential...

When you are already a world class player the next level is always an inside job,



Why This Experience?


To help my clients awaken their untapped potential,

to be more authentically, fully self expressed,

to cultivate personal freedom

and to expand their capacity to hold and experience love. 

To deal with the thoughts, feelings and experiences that come with doing things that most people only dream of, and holding a vision that may not be understood by others. 

I am particularly passionate about doing this with ambitious heart centered men and women in leadership roles, as they are uniquely positioned to create a ripple of positive change as they step into their highest and greatest selves. 

The Unlocking Sequence


Step into this sacred space and set powerful, purpose-driven intentions. Discover the invisible parts of yourself that have been hiding in the shadows so that you can elevate them into the light.

Shadow Transmutation

Access and realign your unconscious mind, updating the primal code that runs you. Transformation made at this level has a domino effect, rippling through every part of your being. 

Ascendant Activation

The mentorship component. My life's work is to help you achieve your life's work, transferring the exact wisdom necessary as efficiently and effectively as possible. I understand that time is your most valuable resource.

Integration & Empowerment

Ongoing support to seal in the transformations, ensuring they resonate through every fiber of your being and every facet of your life, becoming not just what you know, but the elevation of who you are. 

A Unique Blend of Conscious and Unconscious Work that you wont find Anywhere Else.

Two Ways To
Work With Me:

A Vip Exclusive Offer

Embark on a Sacred Journey of Profound Self-Discovery, Elevated Consciousness, Healing and Awakening of your Untapped Potential

A 6 month container divided into a bespoke 6 week intimate mentorship, followed by a 5 month retainer to support you in your continued expansion.

6 Weeks working together intimately
Weekly Session 
Voxer/Voice Message Support

5 Month Retainer 

Up to 15 hours to be used as needed over 5 months

-Sessions -Custom Hypnosis/Meditation

-Calls -Crisis Management Support

-Voxer/Voice Message Support

Black Friday Special!

        $22,222 OFF!

“Not having the confidence to showcase my best was costing me career opportunities and limiting the offers that were available to me. Within 2 weeks of working with Michael I showed up in interviews like never before and was able to secure an offer that was substantially higher than anything I had before. Needless to say I was pleased"        
-Bryce, Executive

The Alchemist Experience

An in person Vip Ultra Exclusive Offer

A one-day VIP journey that will ignite your inner potential and set your spirit ablaze

I will fly to you and we will have one day of pure transformation. This is a once in a lifetime experience. 
Our transformational day will be followed by a 5 month retainer to support you in your continued expansion.

Full-Day VIP Experience with Michael Edwards
-Personalized Guidance and Mentorship 

-Transformational Hypnosis/Meditation Experience
-Gourmet Meals & Refreshments        

-Exclusive Access to Luxurious Venue
-Transformational Tools & Practices        

-Extraordinary Immersive Sensory Experience

5 Month Retainer 

Up to 20 hours to be used as needed over 5 months

-Sessions -Custom Hypnosis/Meditation

-Calls -Crisis Management Support


Black Friday Special!

        $44,444 OFF!!

“I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars looking for this breakthrough, from Tony Robbins, Landmark and so many other things and you just gave it to me in our first session.....You are Magic!!!”        
-Juliana Uto, Angel Investor


The Result?

An elevated consciousness.


A finely-tuned sense of purpose.


A magnetic presence.


Mastery over your mind, body, and soul.


Command of your Energetic Presence


Conscious Creation of your Reality


A deepening of every relationship, most of all the relationship with yourself.


Words are hard to find, I feel renewed, reborn even... I always knew there was a deeper place I needed to go, and with your amazing care, guidance and heart led approach I finally could let go and go there...!
It was so freeing, I feel lighter, brighter and I am shining.


Sustained Magic

The Retainer

After Transcend or The Alchemist Experience, we will stay connected for a 5-month retainer. This ensures the magic remains potent, the transformations solidified, and your path remains illuminated.


Here's how you can utilize it:

Responsive Sessions: Should you find yourself facing unexpected challenges or desiring further clarity, I am here for a dedicated session tailored to your immediate needs.

Direct Phone Support: Sometimes, a quick conversation can provide the perspective shift you need. Feel free to reach out whenever inspiration or challenges strike.

Crisis Availability: Life's unpredictability doesn't adhere to schedules. In moments of genuine crisis or intense transition, know that I stand with you, ready to guide and support.

Your journey of transformation will have its peaks and valleys, and I'm committed to being there, every step of the way. It's not just about structured sessions; it's about a holistic commitment to your growth and elevation.


Each soul is a story waiting to be unlocked. Let's begin your transcendent chapter.



You stand at the cusp of a journey few have the courage to undertake, a journey not just of the mind but of the soul, an expedition into the unseen realms of your consciousness.


If you feel the pull, the indescribable allure of profound transformation, now is the moment to heed that call.

Join a select circle of visionaries, artists, and changemakers in unlocking the truth within.


Let the me guide you through a journey like no other, woven of ancient wisdom, cutting edge unconscious work, intuitive guidance and expert mentorship beautifully informed by both science & spirituality.

Venture forth into a world of boundless potential. Emerge not just transformed, but transcendent. The possibilities have never been more endless. 


I am so excited to get started with you!


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