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Welcome to the Michael Edwards Live Privacy Policy! We are dedicated to using technology responsibly for the benefit of all. Here, we outline how we collect, use, and safeguard your data to ensure your privacy and security. Our goal is to create a trusted digital space where everyone can thrive. Thank you for entrusting us with your information as we work towards a brighter future together.

  1. Data Collection

    When you engage with our Site, data collection is in motion. This data may stem from your direct input or be gathered automatically. We may collect data during various interactions, including:

    • Purchases of gift cards or online courses

    • Social media engagements

    • Form submissions or direct messages

    • Event participation or survey responses

    • Acceptance of cookies and tracking technologies

    • Voluntary data submissions

    Data gathered may encompass contact details, financial information, business background, purchase history, user experiences, and identification details. Additionally, we collect information regarding your Site usage.

  2. Data Utilization

    Data utilization aligns with its initial collection purposes and associated endeavors, such as:

    • Site operation and service provision

    • Customer support and fraud prevention

    • Purchase tracking and user experience enhancement

    • Research, marketing, and event notification

    • Compliance monitoring and adherence to terms

  3. Consent Mechanisms

    Consent acquisition occurs through various channels, including checkbox agreements, transactional engagements, and Site navigation.

  4. Data Sharing

    Data sharing instances include:

    • Compliance-driven disclosures

    • Consent-based collaborations

    • Internal operations and marketing initiatives

    • Promotional campaigns and participation acknowledgments

    • Collaborative ventures with third-party service providers

    Opt-out options are available for promotional text messages (SMS).

  5. Data Security Measures

    Stringent security measures are implemented, encompassing password-protected access, trusted third-party data storage solutions, restricted data access, and engagement with PCI DSS-compliant payment processors. We refrain from retaining payment details.

  6. Data Access, Correction, and Erasure

    Individuals maintain rights to access, correct, and request data deletion. We commit to addressing such requests within 30 days, unless circumstances impede prompt action.

  7. Legal Compliance

    Our business operations adhere to Canadian laws, striving for ongoing compliance with evolving digital regulations such as PIPEDA and GDPR.

  8. Third-Party Data Sharing

    Data may be shared with:

    • Affiliated entities (Only in the case that you register for an event that clearly involves that affiliate)

    • Trusted service providers

    • Legal and advisory professionals (When absolutely Necessary)

    • Fraud prevention entities and law enforcement

    • Enablers of product/service provision, including payment processors and digital platforms

    Disclosure consent or legal mandates dictate data sharing practices.

  9. Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns, please reach out to

Have a question or concern? We want to hear from you. Please reach out via the contact page!

Your Privacy Matters

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